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Behind Me Now


ML has been speaking at conferences, retreats, churches and gatherings (large and small) for the past 15 years.  She’s become known as the “Bette Midler in the spirit”.  ML displays a direct, spunky, and playful side.  Her sense of humor has kept rooms of people laughing and engaged.  She says, “God has an incredible sense of humor.  He and I laugh together all the time!”


There’s a genuine sincerity and transparency in ML’s persona that puts people at ease.  She’s a breath of fresh air as she blends Biblical truths with story-telling.  She’s not afraid to expose her own vulnerabilities to show others a better way… a way that leads them into the arms of Jesus. 


ML is available to speak or lead worship for:

  • Conferences/Seminars

  • Retreats

  • Recovery Programs

  • Bible Studies

  • Panels

"Why God Tests Our Faith"
"Intimacy in the Journey"
"Intimacy in the Journey"
"Maturity - The Payoff of Trials"
"Submitting Through the Trial"
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