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Behind Me Now has been collaborating with Leaving the Cocoon for some time now.  Leaving the Cocoon is a female inmate, faith-based mentoring organization that works with women on the inside and once they get out.   ML has been attending and teaching Bible studies with our girls at the Tennessee State Prison for Women, as well as doing one-on-one visitation and mentoring with the girls. She has assisted in their release progress by taking them shopping for clothes at the Goodwill, providing Bible studies, taking them to lunch, and taking them to local worship services.  With ML, these girls have enjoyed the godly, girl-friendship that they’ve been needing for so long.  The trust she has built with them while incarcerated, carries over to the outside upon release.  Her bigger than life personality is attractive to the women, and they all enjoy her humor! Women in prison need strong, godly women who know how to enjoy life WHILE walking with God.   ML definitely shows them THAT!

Vicki Harvey-Helgesen

Executive Director

Leaving the Cocoon

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